Senin, 02 September 2013

We call it....Initial Setup.

enRoute adds more colour to RC Drift scene with this limited edition JXR Evolution in Gold color.. Coming as pre-assembled kit surely save our time building it from zero.
Pre-assembled kit is pre-assembled kit. They need to be check for play or mis-alignment. Make sure you have everything ready to inspect your JXR.
Before you do anything, make sure the charger is set and battery is plug-in. By the time you finish preparing your kit, the battery will be fully charged and ready to go.
Music is our companion. Focus your eyes and hands on the kit, while your ear focus on the music.
Tissue paper. Everyone needs this. From wiping grease, glue, dust particle, and your sweat.
Since your kit is full assembled and mostly aluminium parts, you need threadlocker to strengthen your screw so they will keep intact while you drove them. Tamiya AW Grease is your number 1 choice to lubricate metal-to-metal joint.

Proper shimming will do the trick for any play on the chassis. 3mm and 5mm shim are common for JXR.
Extra part always play important rules when you need fast replacement. You name it, hinge pins, cross pins, bearings, screws, etc...
It's nice to see those small parts organized. You can try this too.
Tools are mens best friends. I agree!

Light, please guide i can see clearly now.
This is enRoute JXR's wide angle universal drive shaft. It's capable to reach 60* steering angle and made from durable and high quality steel. Out of box, this driveshafts are pretty "new", no glue, no grease, no nothing. It's recommended to check out this part first after you receive this kit. The set screw must be glued and the joints are lubricated. Follow this simple steps.

Wipe of the driveshaft and joint housing with dry tissue paper to remove excess grease from bearing.

Unscrew the small set screw with 1.5mm hex driver.

Blue threadlocker like Tamiya here is will do the job. Just a dab on the set screw and tighten back in it's place. If you have red threadlocker from Tamiya, it will hold the screw stronger and highly recommended. Please use hobby grade product only. 

The next step is apply AW grease on the joint evenly. Wipe off excess grease with tissue paper.

AW grease will increase the lifespan of joints and reduce temperature on the driveshaft. If you didn't lubricate the joint, there will be premature wear and resulting in broken cross-pin, knuckle, and your dogbone.

Shimming time. 

This is JXR out of box wheel pins position. As you can see, there are a lot of gap from cross pin to outer knuckle bearing. If you running on without any shim installed, you will experienced rattle and lot of shaking on the wheel while on-throttle.

This is ideal position of the cross pin that you should achieve.
This is recommended place to insert shim.  

Sometimes, people taking on easy course, placing shim between cross pin and outer bearing. This could eliminate rattling, but, will when you tighten the wheel nut, your bearing will be pressed and can't rotate smooth and resulting more load to your motor and could cause premature wear to bearing and motor (esc too).

From my experience, this three set screw on spur holder and pulleys often come out easily. Take time to give some threadlocker. And you're good to go!