Senin, 11 November 2013

New Setup enRoute JXR012 HT

Well, we're back here with new setup for enRoute JXR012 HT owner. This time, i've upgraded original shocks with Yokomo shocks and a complete spring set. Built it with my no. 1 favourite shock oil, Team Associated oil 40W on the front and my second favourite, Muchmore oil #200 in the rear arm.
Front shocks matched with Yokomo stiffest spring (orange color code). Front ride height adjusted to 5mm and no droop. What do you think about my Silver-Black combination? Front wheels using 7mm offset, 4mm wheel hub, and extra 1mm spacer. Roll center box stock. Front camber -8 degree with box stock toe out.
Since this kit was 012 with upgraded HT chassis, it have more grip since the chassis has more flex so i have to make the damping quicker and rebound faster. Yokomo green color spring was used (1 step softer than orange). For more car angle, i replace rear front toe block from #0 to #1, so the rear toe became 2-degree out (box stock 3-degree). Same 5mm ride height with no droop. Rear camber adjusted to -4 degree.
Do you like the upgraded front chassis stiffener? From black carbon to black anodized alloy.
Since JXR016 has progressive caster which adds more caster while the steering maxing out and proved to be more grip added to the front wheel, so i have to add 2mm kickups which provide more bite while the steering pushed to the max.
Change the pinion to 21T against stock 92T spur. Why? because there is new motor has been used. And still sporting same CS ratio.

This is my new electronics. Imported straight from japan. Too bad, only Neon-S 5.5 available. Rated at 60A (similar with Hobbying Xerun 60A) with no turbo, paired with enRoute ZR-S 7.5T motor makes it pretty decent performance with decent price. And, the hardest part with this enRoute thingy is the manual (download only) comes in japanese language. Credit to Mr. Ando from Tetsujin that help me translate the manual for Futaba transmitters.  

My trusty power source. Zippy 50C lipoly.

I know it's weird to when you see this :) You can add more weight upfront to suits your driving style. To me, 10grams is perfect. Well, that's all my setup for now. Good luck testing and trying. And keep drifting fun, because drift must be crazy! (escpecially the drifters LOL)

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