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Team Powers dominate Hobbywing Asia Cup 2013 Modified Class

Team Powers's Fai Ho dominate Hobbywing Asia Cup 2013 in Guangzhou China. TQ & A1 in modified class against Andy Moore (2nd) and Atsushi Hara (3rd).
Ho's arsenals are Team Powers Radon Pro 140A, 7200mah 75C lipo, Team Powers Primus Low Profile Servo, and Plutonium V2 4.5T motor.

Radon Pro+ Plutonium V2 4.5T Reference Setting:
TH1: Punch Rate A: 5
TH2: Punch Rate B: 10
TH3: TH SW Point: 50%
TH4: TH Slope: Linear
T1: Timing Boost: 0
T2: BT Start RPM: 15000
T3: BT End RPM: 35000
T4: Boost Slope – Boost: Linear
T5: Power Saving- Boost: No
T6: Turbo Boost: 10
T7: TB Activation: TH
T8: Turbo Delay: 0.1s
T9: TB Start RPM: ---
T10: TB on Slope: 12deg/0.1s
T11: TB off Slope: Instant
T12: Turbo K LVL: 0
T13: Turbo T LVL: 0
Suggested gear ratio: 8.4 with zero motor timing
Latest brushless ESC sports 140A with refined software and more advanced than it's predecessor, The XPS Pro. New circuitry, smaller footnote, and more lighter weight will be your advantages in racing. 

New USB Link to be used with PC through included hotwire inside Radon Pro packages.
This newest Plutonium received upgrades from the neodymium sintered rotor and new casing design which adds more ventilation and reducing operating temperature between 5*C - 10*C 
New High Performance Lipo Collection
New High Performance Servo Low Profile Collection

More info, feel free to contact us.
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