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Pimp Your VDF (part 1)

Alright!! When we are talking about VDF, we mustn't forget about dress-up for your lovely VDF (like i do :D). Well, cut the chit-chat and check this list below :D

note: hop-up parts that enlisted below only covers few important parts, so it's not all parts will be displayed.


High Traction Carbon Chassis (SVD-1)
2mm thickness carbon chassis with specially designed chassis layout for maximum traction and roll on front and rear end of the TA05 VDF.

Rear Belt Counter Drift (SVD-156R, SVD-157R, SVD-158R)
This is the most important parts on every belt-driven RC. For TA05 VDF, may i remind you, standard rear belt on VDF is 474-158T (SVD-158R). For CS setup, Square offers many option for rear belt, starting from 468-156T (SVD-156R) and 471-157T (SVD-157R).

Front Belt Counter Drift (SVD-173F, SVD-174F, SVD-175F)
This is the most important parts on every belt-driven RC. For TA05 VDF, may i remind you, standard front belt on VDF is 219-73T (SVD-173F). For CS setup, Square offers many option for rear belt, starting from 222-74T (SVD-174F) and 225-75T (SVD-175F).

Aluminium Front Vertical Upper Frame (SVD-11F Blue/SVD-11FG Gold)One of the important parts to increase chassis rigidity which is helps VDF handle slow-speed corner and increase stability on high-speed sweeper. RECOMMENDED ITEM.

Hard Steel Center Shaft (SVD-17)
You really, really need this part if you're gonna used alumunium center pulleys, since it has additional two notches to secure the pulley's set screw. Stock center shaft didn't have the notches for center pulleys, only one notch for pulley holder. RECOMMENDED ITEM.

Aluminium 1-piece Motor Mount (SVD-20 Blue/SVD-20G Gold)
Replace stock motor mount which comes as 2-piece, motor plate and motor mount frame. This new motor mount have new motor screw which angled near to spur gear.With this motor mount, VDF user have new selection of spur gear and pinion gear combination which leads to more FDR will be acquired. RECOMMENDED ITEM.

Aluminium Bulkhead Set (STA-075G Gold)
Strengthening your chassis rigidity and add more weight. You need 2 set of these bulkheads to change all of the plastic bulkheads on VDF. Comes in Blue, Silver, and Gold colors.

Aluminium C-Hub w/ 8* Caster, -3* Camber (STV-136RG)
Aluminium C-Hub w/ 10* Caster, -3* Camber (STV-236RG)
Drift battle nowadays combining technical and long sweeper circuit in one go. With more & more intense in drift battle (more angle, more speed, more attack), makes every VDF user have to improve their handling performance, especially after you have upgraded the maximum steering angle. This high caster degree angle is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED item. I love the 8* caster on my VDF, it's more than enough with CS ratio between 1.6x to 1.8x.

Aluminium Rear Hub w/ 0* Toe-in (STV-44MSS Silver/STV-44MSG Gold)
Aluminium Rear Hub w/ 1* Toe-in (STV-45MSG Gold)
This aluminium rear hub increase precision for rear wheel. And with added 1* of Toe-in, definitely helpful when drifting with high CS ratio like 1.9x and above, to increase rear swing stability.

Aluminium Bumper Support (STV-8D)
Nice touch of aluminium part on bumper area. Beside adding style for your old plastic bumper support, this item also increase overall weight on the front wheel. More weight, more grip, and more handling.

Aluminium Spur Gear Holder (SVD-16 Blue/SVD-16G Gold)
Replace your stock spur gear holder with these new spur gear holder with molded fan blade that help reducing motor temperature a little bit. With solid design make it stronger than stock holder. Secure your spur with spur gear cover (included) to increase overall weight and torque.

Aluminium Center Belt Tensioner (SVD-24 Blue/SVD-24G Gold)
Some of you maybe already know that there is serious trouble when CSing your VDF with bigger center pulley (21,22, etc) to rear solid axle. Bigger the pulley, the lower part of the belt will scratch the motor can, and damage both your rear belt. Some modification occur which move bearing tensioner on the center of the rear vertical upper deck to the rear end motor mount. Square finally come up with idea, make aluminium part insert in the middle of the motor mount frame and install bearing tensioner. The rear belt will pass clearly through the motor can and stock bearing tensioner bar have to move back to the original position to support the rear upper deck. RECOMMENDED ITEM.

Aluminium Knuckle (SVD-35 Blue/ SVD-35G Gold)
This knuckle design came from original knucle and the knuckle extension. Precision handling will be signifcant than plastic knuckle. RECOMMENDED ITEM.

Aluminium Spring Retainer (TGE-112EB Blue/TGE-112EG Gold)
New spring retainer have larger outer diameter while maintained inner diameter. You could use original VDF chrome spring or utilize better spring selection with Streetjam/RC-Art/T&E/Team Bomber. It also makes your VDF look cooler. If you want more from your VDF, combine those special spring with this spring retainer. RECOMMENDED ITEM.

Aluminium Upper Frame Mount for Rear Bulkhead (SVD-39 Blue/SVD-39G Gold)
New design for stock upper frame mount. With built-in bearing tensioner post will help rear belt routed well for VDF with CS. Bearing tensioner sold separatedly.

Wide Angle Universal Shaft (TGE-544SP 44mm/TGE-540SP/TGE-542SP/TGE-546SP)
More drift angle means one thing, more steering angle. Stock VDF universals only goes for 45*. This special universals have maximum opening up to 60* and 55* optimum angle. Because of high quality material has been used, you can rest assured that this universal would last longer and more durable, strong against bend on the dogbone and reduce steering chatter because of smooth joint movement. This is RECOMMENDED ITEM, use 44mm up front.

Coming soon, lust list for VDF from Overdose, Japan :D

Stay tune. Keep Drifting!

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